Andrea Ricciardi Watkins

Andrea Ricciardi Watkins
250-999-8969, ext 4

Hi friends! My name is Andrea and I am a happy wife and mama, and I love all things Disney!

I am a home based agent located in the heart of the Okanagan. Regular travel to Disney has been part of our annual tradition (ok, maybe more like semi-annual, or even seasonal…) for years. My first trip was when I was nine and my favourite memory  from that trip is my dad dancing the Twist with Daisy Duck! As well as Disneyland, which is my home away from home, I have travelled to Disney World a couple of times, as well as Tokyo Disney.

I always love to talk Disney, and share my knowledge and experience with anyone who wants it. Never worry about asking too many questions; I love them all! Let me help you with the stress of travel planning so that you can focus on what shoes to pack (and I can help with that too)!

Looking forward to chatting with you!

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