Disney Land and Sea Vacation

Disney Land and Sea Vacation – The ULTIMATE Disney Adventure

For all of my Disney-lovers out there, a Land and Sea Vacation is by far, the BEST way to experience Disney Destinations AND extend your vacation…which is something we all want to do! Today, I discuss, what exactly a Land and Sea Vacation is, which portion you should book first, and how it works. Let’s get started!

Disney Land and Sea Vacations used to be packages offered by Disney, but now they are a little bit more complex to put together. You have to book all of the pieces of your trip separately – your Disney World Resort, tickets, dining reservations, your cruise, stateroom, and transportation to and from the park, the port, and the airport. With all of these complexities, we definitely recommend working with a travel agent to make the process smooth. One of our agents at Enchanted Vacations would be happy to chat with you, our services are always free. But, if you are a DIY kind of person, I hope that I can help you piece together your vacation through this blog and on our YouTube Channel.

What Should You Do First?

My personal preference is to add your cruise on to the end of your Disney World vacation. It is the perfect way to end a busy vacation in the parks. You have more time to relax on a cruise, and there will be no need to vacation from your vacation when you get home!

What Should You Book First?

Disney Cruise Line sailings are released about 2 years in advance. Since there are only a certain amount of sailing per year, it is best to book your Land and Sea Vacation around your cruise, so definitely book your cruise first.

How to Get From Your Resort to Your Cruise?

My personal choice for transportation is the Disney Cruise Line Transfer. This is an additional cost, but it is really a hassle-free way of getting from your Resort to the Port. This is how it works: On your last day at your Resort, you will receive a pamphlet of information in your room. It will advise you to have your luggage ready by a certain time the next day and a Cast Member will pick up your luggage at that time to arrange for it to be taken to your cruise. Then, all you have to worry about is checking out and meeting the Disney Cruise Line Cast Member in the lobby of your Resort who will check you in for your cruise.

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance

I definitely recommend purchasing travel insurance to secure your vacation package. For a Land and Sea Vacation, this will be a separate insurance policy for each portion of your vacation. One policy for Land and one policy for Sea.




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