Jennifer Mueller

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A big HI to my fellow Disney lovers! My name is Jenn! I am a wife, mama, and Disney Nerd!

My passion and love for Disney began a long time ago when I was a kid. I dreamed and dreamed about going to Disney, but it didn’t happen for me until I was 15! Prior to that, I had studied park maps, looked up rides, and talked the ears off of all my friends who had been. When it was finally my moment to walk through the gates and into the Disneyland Park for the first time, it was pure magic. I may not have been a kid, but I felt every bit like a kid in that moment- and have every time I’ve been since!! 

I’ve travelled to both North American parks (Disneyland and Disney World) and have spent my free time studying maps, watching ride videos, looking up Disney news, reading Disney blogs, you name it! If I’m not physically at Disney, I’m basically studying up for my next trip! 

I fully believe Disney is not just for kids, it’s for everyone. Single, couples, families, older or younger. Anyone, anywhere can enjoy the magic of Disney. When you walk into a park, it’s like coming home, and you usually don’t want to ever leave! Whether you’re into people watching on a bench in Fantasyland, or you like to hit all the rides like Space Mountain and Big Thunder, or you just enjoy shopping and snacking, there is something for everyone! Fireworks, parades, beautiful scenery, amazing cast members, unbelievable rides, Disney out does itself in every aspect and you will not be disappointed! 

I live and breathe Disney and want to help everyone get to experience the magic of walking into a Disney park and knowing what an amazing vacation you have ahead of you! 

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