Mandi Albanese

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Hello fellow Disney Lovers! My name is Mandi Albanese. I have been married to my prince since 2001 and together we are creating our happily ever after with our 3 little princesses. I have always been a Disney lover and remember being taken to all the movies in the theatres as they were released. I first got the opportunity to get to Disneyland in 1998 and I was forever hooked.

We have gone on Disney vacations many times now as a family and we have some of our best memories there. The magic of Disney never fails to bring out an emotional response from me. Disney isn’t only about Mickey ears and t-shirts to me. It is the sights and the flavours and the sounds. A completely immersive experience from the moment you step on the property and are surrounded by the music of the walkway, to the recognizable and familiar smell of a churro, to the sweet and slightly tart iconic Dole Whip. Disney is in the details, and the details are what I would like to help you work out so that you are able to head out on a Disney Vacation with the full expectation that all of your Disney dreams will come true.

I love to talk Disney with people looking to go for the first time or even the first time in a while. I like to make sure that they are able to find the things that they didn’t even know to look for. I am all about maximizing your time in the park so that your wait times are as little as possible. The less time you spend waiting gives you more time to be completely immersed in all the magic around you.

Favorite Park: Animal Kingdom (I love how it’s about animal rehabilitation and conservation on a
massive scale and reach)
Favorite Experience: Definitely a Disney cruise. Castaway Cay is to die for!
Favorite Ride: Thunder Mountain Railway with Incredicoaster a close second
Favourite Movies: Frozen and Wreck it Ralph – There is so much hidden comedy in both of
these, you catch something new every time you watch them.
Favorite snack: I will always seek out a Dole Whip (and no, I won’t share ;))

Contact me at or complete the form below and we will be on our way to creating your Magical Disney Vacation.